Jane Braxton Little

Jane Braxton Little, a TomDispatch regular, is an independent journalist who writes about science and natural resources for publications that include the AtlanticAudubonNational Geographic, and Scientific American. She moved to Plumas County in 1969 for a summer that has yet to end.

Newspapers and tea

Local Newspapers Are Lifelines for Climate-Disaster Communities

As floods, fires, and tornadoes surge, and daily as well as weekly publications collapse, local journalism maintains an all-too-slender lifeline in devastated rural communities like mine.

May 13, 2024


Looking for Home in an Overheating World

If emissions continue, will we all be migrants someday?

June 6, 2023



As wildfires are transformed into year-round challenges, the carbon they release only further contributes to emissions from other sources, making it that much more difficult to halt rising temperatures.

December 14, 2022