Ben Shread-Hewitt

Ben is a Polycrisis researcher who studies the feedback loops between change in ecological, political, and economic systems. He currently works at the Climate Bonds Initiative, where he is building financial networks to drive forward climate action and combat fossil fuel proliferation.

He has an MSc in Sustainability, Planning, and Environmental Policy. Find him on TwitterLinkedIn, and Medium.

transmission lines

An Environmentalism that Plunders

Looting, it seems, has got a bad rap. Because to save the planet, we need to loot it. We must let nothing — not cultural artifacts, not ancient woodlands, nor even entire species — get in the way of this drive to save the planet from its number one threat: Climate Breakdown.

May 23, 2024


A Review of ‘Navigating the Polycrisis’: A Map of Collapse, Utopia, and The Many Paths In Between

Through interlocking explorations of climate change, existential crisis, class conflict, mass extinction and granular insights into energy and resource availability, this book lives up to its name. It is not just an explication of potential futures, but a guide to how we might navigate them.

May 2, 2024


How Climate Fiction Reflects Reality

Our civilizational pathway is always inseparable from the fate of the wider planet, but neither does it walk in lockstep. Climate fiction novels can help us see the way we are going, and help us question — knowing the world that lies ahead — if this is the right road to embark upon.

March 26, 2024

USS America on duty in the Suez Canal

A Tale of Two Canals

This is what the Great Unraveling will look like as it continues to emerge, unrelated phenomena synchronising to exacerbate each other.

January 29, 2024


The convergence: climate and economy become one

At a minimum, we must align the signifiers of economic success with known ecological indicators — and this is just the first step on a long, complex realignment. If we fail to undertake this journey, we will be stuck paying for our own apocalypse.

October 4, 2023


A Long Way to Venus

We may not end up like Venus, but we are already at the brink of a hot, unstable world well beyond our ability to cope as a civilization.

August 18, 2023

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