Jeff Poppen

Fresh out of the psychedelic sixties, Jeff Poppen began farming in rural Tennessee in 1972 and has been there ever since. At Long Hungry Creek Farm, he and his farm partners tend about six acres of biodynamic vegetable crops, which they sell to wholesale buyers and to restaurants, and tend a herd of about 35 cattle. Jeff is the author of The Best of the Barefoot Farmer and The Best of the Barefoot Farmer II. In addition to his books, Jeff has produced TV shows (some episodes available on the Barefoot Farmer YouTube Channel), written newspaper columns, and lectured at garden clubs and organic conferences for over three decades. Jeff’s farm is the site of the annual Southeast Biodynamic Conference as well as other seasonal farm festivals. He has also mentored other farms and helped with school gardening programs in the Nashville area.


Barefoot Biodynamics: Excerpt

An immediate halt to chemical fertilizing and returning to the use of compost instead would turn degeneration into regeneration.

May 15, 2024