Fight Climate Change in Your Own Garden

Over the next two years, Green America plans to educate people on the benefits of regenerative agriculture through its Climate Victory Gardens campaign. It is producing videos that will explain regenerative practices, and staff members will attend conferences to encourage gardeners and farmers to join the movement.

10 Stories of Transition in the US: Transition Milwaukee and the Victory Garden Initiative

To return this sense of empowerment, food sovereignty, and resilience to the people, Transition Milwaukee helped to launch and incubate the Victory Garden Initiative, which recently celebrated installing its 4,000th garden.

Growing My Way out of Dystopia

What would it be like to be mobilized by my government — and I emphasize “my” because as far as I’m concerned, Donald Trump’s version of it doesn’t qualify — into some collective effort to make this country a better place.

Regenerative Citizenship and the Victory Garden

In 2009, at the height of the Great Recession and an impending energy crisis, a group of friends and I co-launched our local Victory Garden Initiative (VGI), which would later contribute the winning proposal for the City of Milwaukee’s adoption of Home GR/OWN, a program for (mostly) blighted neighborhoods flipping city-owned vacant lots into pocket parks and profitable food production sites.