Policies for Shareable Cities: A Sharing Economy Policy Primer for Urban Leaders

This report details 32 specific policy steps that local leaders can take to benefit from the growing sharing economy and support innovations such as carsharing, ridesharing, cohousing, cooperatives, and urban agriculture.

Transport trends – headlines

•More Chinese cities likely to curb auto sales: industry group •A Tale of Renewed Cities [Report] •Driving time holds steady as population increases, report says •The New Majority: Pedaling Towards Equity [Report] •How CicLAvia Is Turning Los Angeles Into A City Of Pedestrians •Cities Cut Parking Mandates •Car Ownership May Be Down in the U.S., But It’s Soaring Globally

Australia’s oil vulnerability

While some predict peak oil will soon be the end of industrial society, others shrug it off as scaremongering. But if we are running out of oil, is intervention needed to mitigate the impact of peak oil – or will market forces and technological innovation be a sufficient response?