Transitioning transport – headlines

•Bogotá car-free day becomes car-free week •Tres Hombres Tall Ship Loads Rum and More in Caribbean; Additional Ship Readied for Europe Only •The Rise of Open Streets •Which are Europes to Cycling and Walking Cities? •British Cycling launches 10-point plan to transform Britain into a true cycling nation

Transport and urban design – headlines

•How Biking Improves Employee Productivity •Lulu and the Life-Sized City •In Seattle, Bike Lanes Are Good for Business •Plan to Convert Roads to Gravel Begins Despite Pushback •Smoking Ban: Shipping Shifts to Cleaner Fuel •On your bikes! Turkmenistan president orders entire nation to saddle up for national cycling day

Transport trends and transitions – headlines

•Why is cycling so popular in the Netherlands? •VIDEO: Set Sail for Greener Maritime Cargo Shipping •Rolls-Royce Revives Age of Sail to Beat Fuel-Cost Surge: Freight •Why aren’t young people getting drivers’ licenses? Too much hassle! •Let’s All Stop Obsessing About the ‘Next Great Thing’ in Urban Transportation •South Korean road wirelessly recharges OLEV buses

Streetfacts #1: Bike Lanes Aren’t Just for Big Cities

Welcome to the first of five shorts we’re calling Streetfacts. With Streetfacts, we’ll be highlighting developing trends affecting transportation and planning policy, as well as addressing the cost of "bad practices" that prevent us from shifting to a more balanced transportation network that supports more livable places.

Seven reasons bikes are for everyone—not just “cyclists”

Traveling the world’s great bicycle cities, I fell in love with cycling. The ease, safety, convenience… (dreamy sigh) But as my six-month love affair came to an end, I began to realize the reason for my infatuation: cities like those in Denmark and Holland simply make themselves lovable. They don’t just build cycle tracks; they inject fun, whimsy, compassion, and even romance into cycling.