The Enemy’s Ring and Our Ethical Quandary

But I like a scenario in which the heroic masses reach the end of their tolerance before that happens. They—we—rebel, withdraw, dismantle, and replace the evil practices with more ethical ones while the planet is still livable.

Creating third spaces of learning for post-capitalism: lessons from educators and activists

Spaces that prefigure a post-capitalist world are all around us if we know where to look. In this article, we seek to explore counter-hegemonic social spaces, or what some call third spaces that have been created largely by social, community and artistic activists…

Community Land Trusts as a Proactive Model for Post-Capitalist Sustainable New Local Development

The sociological relevance of a C.L.T. is in developing a community orientation for living a life aligned with autonomous Degrowth and the promotion of New Local Post-Capitalism.

Dare to Declare Capitalism Dead – Before it Takes us all Down with it

Like coal, capitalism has brought many benefits. But, like coal, it now causes more harm than good. Just as we have found means of generating useful energy that are better and less damaging than coal, so we need to find means of generating human wellbeing that are better and less damaging than capitalism.

Egalitarian Alternative to the US Mainstream: Study of Acorn Community in Virginia, US

What is the personal experience of living in a community that wants to change the basic tenets of economic system and work organization? Certainly, each community is different and the individuals living there determine the atmosphere, so my description cannot serve as a base for generalization.

An Intentional Egalitarian Community as a Small-Scale Implementation of Post-Capitalism

It takes systematic work and engagement to build up a reputation that gives one more influence and support for one’s project. The non-hierarchical relations imply a lot of self-responsibility but also a feeling of empowerment.