The Parable of the Humane Philanthropist

Healing the ocean and keeping it healthy—i.e. focusing on the root causes of environmental and social injustices—so as to prevent sea animals from washing up on the shores in the first place is where we all need to focus. But what does that even mean?

A “Blue Commons” Agenda to Stop the Plunder of Our Oceans

Standing has just published  The Blue Commons: Transforming the Economy of the Sea, a book that synthesizes vast amounts of complicated maritime histories, international law, and ecological science to explain how commoning could curb the market/state’s irresponsible, life-destroying treatment of oceans.

Giants of the Deep: A Prehistory of Whaling

I want to track this strange oscillating vision, of whales as powerful spiritual beings but also a target of relentless persecution. Human nature is not endlessly malleable, and it contains all sorts of destructive impulses, but we would do well to  turn this on those destroying our seas and not on those who call it home.