Getting out of the food-energy-climate crisis

Finding a way out of this “polycrisis” requires a deep transformation in how energy and food are produced and distributed, with actions that challenge corporate control head on.

Things (nearly) fall apart: The year so far in electricity, finance and computer chips

The news is full of stories about a system whose rivets are about to pop en masse. Disparate calamities are arising out of a system that applies certain “principles” across sectors of society. Those principles have their origin in rigid economic ideology. Let us take Texas utility customers who shivered through rolling electricity blackouts last week.

From Oil Crisis to Energy Revolution – How Nations Once Before Planned to Kick the Oil Habit

As the world now gets to grips with the realities of making a rapid transition away from fossil fuels in the next decade, is it time to look again at how quickly we moved back in the 1970s, when we had to?