Climate change and the limits of economic growth

The only effective way to control carbon emissions, as well as related problems of pollution and biodiversity loss, is to address “overshoot,” the unconstrained use of energy and material resources well beyond planetary limits, particularly in the richer parts of the world.

The Path to a Livable Future: Excerpt

And, to complete the circle, neither racial justice nor health justice nor environmental justice nor climate justice can be fully secured without turning the existing economy inside out, dedicating it to meeting society’s needs, not feeding the net worth of the plutocrats.

How laid-off coal miners are reclaiming their own economy

The true wealth of Appalachia isn’t underground, but within its people. Coalfield elevates the Appalachian values of “gumption, grit, and grace.” They’re the same qualities that allowed people to make a living in the mountains for generations.