How the ‘From What If to What Next’ podcast came to be

Instead of getting two people, for and against, to debate something, how would it be to take two people who were both really excited about an idea, who dedicated their lives to its realisation, and invite them to imagine that it’s 2030 and that idea has already been part of our lives for several years.

What Could Possibly Go Right?: Episode 44 Christabel Rose Reed

Christabel Rose Reed is a yoga teacher, yoga therapist and activist. She is on a mission to link inner transformation with social change and empower people to embark on the entwined journey of inner and outer healing. Christabel addresses the question of “What Could Possibly Go Right?”

Some reflections on the difference between ‘Yes, but’ and ‘Yes, and’

While I entirely appreciate that ‘Yes, but’ has a role in holding those in power to account, it also suffocates and stifles and undermines. Just for those few moments, I allowed myself to imagine how our political debates might look if they had ‘Yes, and’ at their heart. I liked what I saw.

Why the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill could lead to a revolution of the imagination

One of the few rays of hopeful sunshine in the UK’s currently bleak political landscape is the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill. In fact, I feel like it is such a vitally important development that I want to use this article to urge you to get behind it, while also offering a rather different perspective on why I feel it matters so much.