‘Wilful Ignorance’: Indigenous Delegation Incredulous At Bankers’ Attitude to Fossil Fuel Impacts

Indigenous delegates said they had been amazed at the “wilful ignorance” they encountered when demanding global banks cease financing new fossil fuel projects on their ancestral lands in what is today North America.

Oxford University Has Pledged to Divest from Fossil Fuels – Now it Needs to Sever All Ties to the Industry

We are disappointed that our university, an influential institution with a moral obligation to lead by example, is so deeply involved in this industry and hope our report will act as a wake-up call, setting an agenda for change.

Saying No to BP and Shell Today: Hard Choices Have to be Made

The priority now has to be actively to support all divest/invest initiatives (in the arts, in our universities, in the financial services sector etc), and to ensure that our own pensions are invested accordingly. In a Climate Emergency, nothing else will suffice.

It’s Not Just Barclays – Tackling Climate Change Means Building a New Banking System

The way forward is to channel popular support for action on climate change into an organised movement. The power of that movement—marshalled to support a left government—is our best shot at doing something meaningful while we still can.