The Path to a Livable Future: Excerpt

And, to complete the circle, neither racial justice nor health justice nor environmental justice nor climate justice can be fully secured without turning the existing economy inside out, dedicating it to meeting society’s needs, not feeding the net worth of the plutocrats.

Overproduction of Elites and Political Upheaval, or… the Story of Rich People Doing Stupid Things (Episode 43 of Crazy Town)

Society is producing too many elite people, and their decisions are causing extreme inequality, which is one of the key components of today’s sustainability crisis.

A Manchester Boldly United for a More Equal Metropolis

Manchester’s new strategic gameplan comes from a special commission that metro area’s top governing body created last October “to survey the damage done and the inequalities exposed” over the past year and recommend what Manchester can do to transcend those inequalities.

Narrating inequality, eliding empire

Not accounting for the historical processes and legacies of colonialism in the construction of inequalities both within and across countries is a fatal flaw in Piketty’s analysis and undercuts the possibility of constructing a politics that could address the problems of our time.

From What If to What Next: with Dr. Wanda Wyporska and Chuck Collins

In my latest podcast we are exploring how it would be if Feeney’s thinking were to be embraced by those holding the vast reserves of money that the world needs to address its complex problems right now. What if they shifted and recognised the need to let go of what they’re holding onto? And how would it feel to do so?