Joslin Faith Kehdy: “Lebanon – Beyond Resilience”

On this episode, Nate is joined by Joslin Faith Kehdy, a changemaker and citizen of Lebanon. Joslin is an environmentalist currently living ‘The Great Simplification’ – she offers a valuable perspective on what ‘sustainable’ living really means and insights for what may come to the rest of the world.

Poked by a Porcupine: the Politics of Contraction (Episode 27 of Crazy Town)

In this episode Asher, Rob, and Jason wonder if individualism (not to mention all those other “-isms”… capitalism, socialism, communism) is simply the product of a relatively short period of expansionism, and what of our values must be kept or discarded as we enter a new era of contraction and bureaucratic breakdown.

COVID-19 will Slow the Global Shift to Renewable Energy, but can’t Stop it

The renewable energy industry, which until recently was projected to enjoy rapid growth, has run into stiff headwinds as a result of three era-defining events: the COVID-19 pandemic, the resulting global financial contraction and a collapse in oil prices. These are interrelated, mutually reinforcing events.

Is the Economic Shut Down what Degrowth Advocates have been Calling For?

When an economy contracts involuntarily, that is called a recession or, if it lasts long enough, a depression. Nobody advocates for such unplanned economic contraction because that has all sorts of negative social effects, including rising unemployment, stress, and poverty. So we must never confuse degrowth with recession.

What Will it Take to Avert Collapse?

In our view, at some point scientists and policy makers must begin discussing the one scenario that world leaders seem to want to avoid at all costs, i.e., managed economic contraction. The irony is that this scenario could reliably cut greenhouse gas emissions and is achievable without appeal to magic (CCS or decoupling).