Rescuing civilization: Does the conservative/progressive rift pose an existential threat to humanity?

Simultaneously husbanding and equitably sharing multiple global common resources is the ultimate social challenge to humanity’s survival.  Today specifically, that means navigating the impending perfect storm of simultaneous climate change, soil destruction, and fossil fuel depletion. 

What If Preventing Collapse Isn’t Profitable?

You see, the real downside of the green-profit narrative has been that it created the assumption in many people’s minds that the solution to climate change and other environmental dilemmas is technical, and that policy makers and industrialists will implement it for us, so that the way we live doesn’t need to change in any fundamental way.

This is How we End Deforestation to Avert Pandemic, Climate and Societal Collapse

Deforestation is one of the most intractable and yet most potent drivers of environmental crisis. It is also among the four out of nine planetary boundaries that civilisation was already at high risk of crossing five years ago according to research published in the journal Science.