What is a “luxury economy,” really?

Energy and materials flows must (a normative and ethical claim) shrink to avert worst case scenarios of anthropogenic climate disruption. And they will shrink in this time frame due to increasing resource scarcity.

France | Democratising Food Policy – Tweaking The Financial Toolbox

In bottom-up movements towards a more socio-ecological countryside, food is a key driver of territorial dynamics. This was a finding of our research on the ground in phase 1 of the Rural Resilience project. In phase 2, we ask how a top-down tool such as France’s Territorial Food Programmes can help to democratise local food policy.

From Shrinking to Resilience – Lessons Learned at the Latvian Rural Parliament

Translating research on “smart shrinking” in rural Iowa into a European context, Elena and Mathieu propose a “smart rebound”, in which funding and policy support the visions, actions and intergenerational collaboration of rural communities, for resilience, wellbeing and reduction within environmental limits.