There is Such a Thing as a Free Lunch: Montreal Students Commoning and Peering food services

At three of Montreal’s universities, collectives have created alternative food provision services. People’s Potato at the Concordia University established in 1998, Midnight Kitchen at the McGill University established in 2003, and Ras-le-Bol, started in 2012 at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM), distribute hundreds of meals for free.

Come on Home!: Ecological Agriculture and Sixteen Wonderful Farms that Point the Way

This essay uses over a dozen working farms across the country (& a few other countries) to illustrate some of the key principles of the ecologically-based agriculture that will be required in the transition ahead.  …The next steps are up to you, kid.

Look out Monsanto: The Global Food Movement Is Rising

Chewing on a mouthful of locally grown lettuce, I wondered if the claims I’d heard about the global food-justice movement were true. Was there a line to follow, however crooked, between my purchase of these greens, land reform in Brazil and opposition to genetically modified seeds in California. Or was it all just empty calories.