“It’s More A Call To ‘Armies’ Than Arms”

There are Black Swans that you can’t do anything about because you don’t know they’re going to happen; but the Grey Swans are predictable – not in their dimensions or timing exactly; but we know there’s going to be another food price crisis, a catastrophic climactic moment of some sort, or energy problems: things like this are going to happen.

What Will It Take to Move the Local Food Revolution Forward?

More local food is appearing in grocery stores and restaurants and even schools, thanks to a growing number of “food hubs”; but it is a drop in the bucket still, compared to the food that is trucked in from afar.  What do we need to turn this around?   At least four things, each with practical and policy implications. 

Three Knowledge Mobilization Strategies

How can we engage in effective knowledge mobilization in wider processes of change working towards greater social justice and sustainability? To what extent can researchers play a role in co-producing and mobilizing knowledge in these processes of change with social movements and communities?

Tomorrow’s Food Skills

The modern food movement took the shape it retains today during those 15 years from 1995 to 2010. Food movements were among the first to embrace the understanding that knowledge and wisdom  had to move from narrow fields of specialization to comprehensive and open-ended searching.

Oxford Real Farming Conference 2019: Ten Years On, it’s into the Mainstream

Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Michael Gove’s repeat appearance this year for the 10thanniversary of the Oxford Real Farming Conference, makes a bold statement about the conference’s rising profile – like it or not, it is entering the mainstream, carrying its weight against the long-standing Oxford Farming Conference.

Planet Pod goes Gold in Bristol and Talks Sustainable Food

What can you do with 9 tonnes of Pumpkins? Make curry, of course! This and other questions were on the menu when we sat around the table to chat about sustainable food and how Bristol is going for Gold as a Sustainable Food City with our guests…

Magic in a Movement: The Fight for a Just Food System in the USA

What was amazing to see in the US context is the critical attention to these contradictions, a recognition of the politics of difference, a cutting analysis put forward by activists that call these systems of oppression out and a move to work from the margins through processes of mutual empowerment for social justice and a better world.

Igniting a Revolution in the Way Humanity Feeds Itself

There is a level of unforeseen radicalization just beginning to occur in the emergence of highly localized regional food systems which is not only heartening but may point to a a clear pathway forward for the evolution of humanity. This is a local food revolution. It’s already underway, and it’s contagious.

Beet the System!

Can food and food sovereignty be the catalyst for a Commons Transition? For over 30 years, FIAN International has been advocating for the right to food sovereignty. Their work unites bottom-up grassroots movements and local administrations, with a special focus on inclusivity and enfranchising those who are most often left out.

Halfway Thoughts on Today’s Food Movements

Some people wonder if youthful food movements spreading through cities across the Global North are half-full, half-empty — or maybe even half-baked. The timing for such questioning is perfect. Once a new trend gets over its first flush, people start to judge it as a movement that will be around for a while. That’s when tough questions crop up.