Climate, politics & money – headlines

•Voters think Republican climate dissenters ‘crazy’, bipartisan poll finds •A Republican Secretary of State Urges Action on Climate Change• US investors show climate clout •Can you be sceptical about GM but believe in climate change? •You’re Getting Warmer: Another Wall Street Journal Global Warming Article Misses the Target •Outbreak of global warming optimism is naive •Flood, Rebuild, Repeat: Are We Ready for a Superstorm Sandy Every Other Year? •urope Floods to China Quake Fuel $85 Billion in Economic Losses •France adopts soft energy proposals after business flexes muscles

Climate: action, impact, and geoengineering – May 24

•China agrees to impose carbon targets by 2016 •Warming to hit half of plants, a third of animals •Geoengineering: Can We Save the Planet by Messing with Nature? •Climate Denial’s Death Knell: 97 Percent of Peer-Reviewed Science Confirms Manmade Global Warming, Consensus Overwhelming •Climate disasters displace millions of people worldwide •For Insurers, No Doubts on Climate Change

Victory at Hand for the Climate Movement?

There are signs the climate movement could be on the verge of a remarkable and surprising victory. If we read the current context correctly, and if the movement can adjust its strategy to capture the opportunity presented, it could usher in the fastest and most dramatic economic transformation in history. This would include the removal of the oil, coal and gas industries from the economy in just a few decades and their replacement with new industries and, for the most part, entirely new companies. It would be the greatest transfer of wealth and power between industries and countries the world has ever seen.