Evolutionary Mismatch, Partisan Politics, and Climate Change: A Tragedy in Three Acts

It is apparent that our focus should not only be on solving climate change, but should also address other planetary boundaries, and perhaps even democratic renewal, but in every case, we need the means of transitioning from an unsatisfactory system to a better one that focuses on our strengths, and mitigates against our psychological shortcomings.

Rescuing civilization: Does the conservative/progressive rift pose an existential threat to humanity?

Simultaneously husbanding and equitably sharing multiple global common resources is the ultimate social challenge to humanity’s survival.  Today specifically, that means navigating the impending perfect storm of simultaneous climate change, soil destruction, and fossil fuel depletion. 

Transformation of Consciousness

Our very nature is far more caring, loving, and empathic than we have been educated to believe. While being empathic may have initially extended primarily to our family and tribe, our ability to empathize has continued to expand to include the whole of humanity, other species and life as a whole.

The Emergence of the Superorganism: Susan Kucera’s Movie “Living in The Future’s Past”

Collecting first into bands, then villages, then cities, then states, now humans form a single, giant creature – the superorganism – which is literally devouring the planet to keep itself growing. I