Over 450 Climate Scientists Say Advertising Industry Must End ‘Complicity’ in Climate Crisis

On Wednesday, a group of more than 450 scientists called on advertising agencies to cut off their fossil fuel clients and to end their ties with an ongoing misinformation campaign that has time and again killed progress on addressing the climate crisis.

Warning signs as global oil and gas giants adopt “Net zero 2050” climate goal

When advocates support NZ2050 they are tacitly supporting a dangerous agenda leading up to COP 26 in Glasgow that will codify an unsustainable pathway with continuing high fossil fuel use, dangerous “offset” trade-offs, and unacceptable risks of unstoppable climate warming.

The last climate warning: heatwaves and the IPCC leak

The companies that used to spend millions to deny that climate change even existed, now, since it is no longer possible to cover up the elephant in the room, seek to promote these doubts about the origin of it, emphasizing that the earth has always changed, that it is no big deal, etc.

Oxford University Has Pledged to Divest from Fossil Fuels – Now it Needs to Sever All Ties to the Industry

We are disappointed that our university, an influential institution with a moral obligation to lead by example, is so deeply involved in this industry and hope our report will act as a wake-up call, setting an agenda for change.