Banking with Community Values

Whether it’s pubs, shops, farms or football clubs, the model of community ownership continues to go from strength-to-strength.It’s a model that’s been around for hundreds of years, but has seen increased popularity since the Localism Act 2011 set out additional protection for Assets of Community Value (ACV)

Energy transitions – June 28

•Renewables to surpass gas by 2016 in the global power mix •More buybacks in Germany •Solar Cities’ insight into the electricity demand fall •Developing a Regional Renewable Energy Roadmap for Central America •Analysis: How energy efficiency firms are eating utilities’ lunch •’Solar sharing’ spreading among Fukushima farmers

Alternative economics headlines

•House Sharing for Boomer Women Who Would Rather Not Live Alone •Pro-Growth Media Bias Fuels Scientific Ignorance, Finds New Media Watchdog Site •The trouble with billionaires (book review) by Linda McQuaig and Neil Brooks •Community Owned Village Shops – report •How a Manchester co-op is getting the food revolution moving

Food & agriculture – Jan 21

•How Google Earth Revealed Chicago’s Hidden Farms
•Cash for Hay Driving Thieves to Move Bundles
•A people’s buy-out of Britain’s farmland
•Enviro Crusader Turns Pro-GMO, Anti-Organic—And Anti-Logic
•The U.S. Will Again Produce More of the Nitrogen Fertilizer it Uses for Agriculture