Class Politics Fit for the Times

I have come to think that the themes we on the Left should be coalescing around are dismantling rentier capitalism, offering a new income distribution system in which basic income divorced from the performance of labor is the anchor, and reviving all forms of commons and commoning.

Old movies part 2: To Have and Have Not

A few weeks ago I wrote about black-and-white movies like Stagecoach, and how they often dealt with our modern, 21st-century problems in a way that modern media does not. Someone might ask: So What? If a movie made nine decades ago had a timely message, how does that affect my problems now? The question motivated me to write about the stories we tell each other about *class*.

deconstructing the beast

We like to think, as Transitioners, we are classless, but we are not…We are constructed socially to fit into tiers. No matter what class we are born into, there are always people above us and people below us. And every transaction we make or thought we have is tempered by our conditioning: to keep ourselves on that rung, or climb the ladder, and for that we have to push others down. Them, Her, that district, those people.