Book Review: Tracing the Relational Roots of Happiness

As the authors emphasize, people like Henry Keane who can lean on supportive connections in times of stress are much better able to cope with the numerous trials that invariably confront us all during the course of our lives. In contrast, isolation can be damaging to long-term health.

The Problem with the Human Development Index in an Era of Ecological Breakdown

HDI was invented in 1990 as an antidote to the GDP-based conception of development.  It was considered progressive for its time, but it is clear now that it did not go quite far enough.  Nearly 30 years on, it’s time for a better measure – one that will aid rather than hinder us in our efforts to build a more ecological model of development.

What if Our Economic System Was Set Up to Generate Happiness?

Happy City’s aim is to “reclaim happiness from commercial triviality and make it a guiding, radical principle for society.” The organization invites individuals to explore what truly brings lasting happiness and gives communities the tools to measure and be attentive to what really matters.