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What if Our Economic System Was Set Up to Generate Happiness?

June 16, 2017

In this episode, we spoke with Liz Ziedler, co-founder of Happy City Bristol, an organization geared towards fostering holistic happiness in Bristol, U.K., through measurement tools, workshops, and campaigns.

Happy City’s aim is to “reclaim happiness from commercial triviality and make it a guiding, radical principle for society.” The organization invites individuals to explore what truly brings lasting happiness and gives communities the tools to measure and be attentive to what really matters.

Together, we explored economic change from a systemic perspective, the importance of framing and language within the happiness movement, and what it would look and feel like if the goal of our economic system was to generate more happiness.

This interview is a part of Upstream’s episode exploring economies based-on wellbeing and happiness. You can listen to this documentary episode here.

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