Back to the Farm Mindfully

As Indigenous writers such as Robin Wall Kimmerer show in Braiding Sweetgrass, indigenous people have much to teach us about holistic thinking, the use of social controls to curtail greed, and how to live with the rest of nature.

A Horse Is a Horse of Course, Unless Given the Right to Sue— Which Could Be Good for the Environment

Within recent months I’ve been bumping into an increased number of animal rights cases. Last week a horse name Justice was given 15 minutes of fame in the Washington Post (WaPo). The article triggered an “ah/hah” moment; today’s article is the result.

Review: Holy Cow by David Duchovny

While Elsie’s annoying qualities as a narrator dampen her effectiveness as an environmental agitator, the points she makes are spot on. She eloquently admonishes her human readers, "You can’t just wear the food chain around your neck like a bauble or necklace. You’re part of it and if you keep treating it with disdain, that chain will strangle you."