Better Ways to Live: Honoring Social Inventors, Exploring New Challenges

By Craig K. Comstock, Willow Press

Everybody knows what a physical invention is, but what is a social invention? On the community level, it can be as simple as a story-telling evening or an "abundance swap," both among the many examples described here. On the global level, the Peace Corps was a social invention. "Better Ways to Live" celebrates many successful social inventions, and explores challenges that invite new ways of working together. It's a form of creativity, inventing the social forms that enrich our lives. The great thing about social inventions is that anybody can borrow the ideas. During his famous trip to the U.S., Alexis de Tocqueville, author of "Democracy in America," praised our right of free association and community empowerment. Through stories of notable social inventions, and exploration of new challenges, "Better Ways to Live" invites us to extend our communal success.

Yes! Special Report: The Spirit of Standing Rock on the Move

By Stephanie Woodard, YES! magazine

Ed. note: Yes! Magazine profiles seven Native American struggles in the spirit of Standing Rock against their own "black snakes" on their home grounds in this special report. The resistance that persisted even through the cold and dark of the North Dakota winter, with ongoing injuries and arrests, shows how difficult, dangerous, and uncertain it can be to speak truth to power. Now the spirit of Standing Rock is on the move. Its Native-led, youth-driven expertise is extending outward to help other communities protect their land and resources. In Texas, Frankie Orona, from the Borrado, Chumash, and Tongva people, is leading actions against the Trans-Pecos Pipeline, which will carry fracked gas across Texas and into Mexico, if completed. For months, he and others have danced, prayed, and sang in the path of the line. Recently, they were arrested after locking themselves to construction equipment. In December 2016, after consulting with the Indigenous Environmental Network, which was...