Erik Assadourian

Erik is the Director of the Gaian Way (, an ecospiritual philosophy, organization, and community.

abandoned oil well

How the Energy Transition is Like Farting under the Covers

During one week (Monday to Friday) the news ranged from the growing e-waste crisis, to oil companies’ long-term plans to drill, to green bonds for nuclear power. None of it makes sense, except in a culture that puts consumerism and growth ahead of everything else.

April 8, 2024


On Animism and Gaianism

So is Gaianism animistic? Considering there are some Gaians that consider Gaia a metaphor, others something more, that question is not possible to answer. For some certainly, for others absolutely not.

February 14, 2024

Easter Island

To Boldly NOT Go into Space

Time to prioritize solving critical problems again, before destruction of the Earth systems we depend on triggers civilizational collapse, and humanity’s brief jaunts into space become a barely-remembered memory or even just a myth.

September 27, 2023

LAEV learning garden

The Beauty, Challenges, and Potential of Living in Ecocommunity

Perhaps finding ways to cultivate and nourish those future community members and leaders is the role that is most important to play for those who love their communities and want them to grow and flourish.

September 14, 2023


There are No Gaian Teachers, Only Gaia

Every sip of water, every breath of air, every morsel of food, and every time my heart beats. Gaia is within and around me. Who better to learn from than that?

August 21, 2023

La Brea tar pits

Tough Lessons from a Tar Pit

The proper solution to climate change is to steer clear of the fossil fuels pits—not by seeking out a new way to sustain our consumer economy but to shift cultural directions and consume dramatically less.

July 26, 2023

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