Peak oil & energy – Sept 29

– Peak oil article in Portuguese newspaper Expresso
– Japan to drill for controversial ‘fire ice’ (methane hydrate)
– Report for the French government: “The Effects of High and Volatile Oil Prices” (NEW)
– CAE: Les effets d’un prix du pétrole élevé et volatil
– World unprepared for “convergent crisis”, international force needed?

China to develop new energy source – combustible ice

More than 100 countries around the world have found deposits of “combustible ice.” “Combustible ice” reserves on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau are estimated to equal at least 35 billion tonnes of oil, which could supply energy to China for 90 years. [Provincial Governor] Luo Huining said tapping this new energy resource should be given high priority in China’s energy strategy.

Throwing our energy at impossible dreams…

“as mankind proceeded to get bigger and bigger we silently crossed a threshold”

Resources and anthropocentrism

Evolution demands short-term thinking focused on individual survival. Most attempts to overcome our evolutionarily hardwired absorption with self are selected against. The Overman is dead, killed by a high-fat diet and unwillingness to exercise. Reflexively, we follow him into the grave.

Climate & environment – Aug 27

-As Arctic Ocean warms, megatonnes of methane bubble up
-Ocean Temperature Record and Other Clues: What Is Your Response?
-A ‘Dow Jones’ For Climate: The Case for a Warming Index
-Africa seeks climate change cash
-Top U.N. climate scientist backs big CO2 cuts, 350-ppm goal
-Think health costs are hot now? Factor in global warming
-The fallacy of climate activism

Temporary Recession or the End of Growth?

Everyone agrees: our economy is sick. The inescapable symptoms include declines in consumer spending and consumer confidence, together with a contraction of international trade and available credit. Add a collapse in real estate values and carnage in the automotive and airline industries and the picture looks grim indeed.