Could wind generators slow climate mixing and the arctic thaw?

Thought-provoking comments from an alert Newfoundland reader, following on from the ‘methane-burps’ fears covered previously. Could suitably placed wind turbines reduce climate mixing, slow the warming of arctic regions, and so avoid catastrophic methane emissions from thawing tundra?

Methane Hydrates: US DOE Commissions Voyage of Discovery for Vast New Resource

The Uncle John’s 2005 voyage is part of a wider effort to better understand methane hydrate. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has funded the Gulf of Mexico Joint Industry Project, a 4-year, $13.6 million, cost-shared effort to develop technologies that locate and safely drill through or near the hydrate.

Gas Hydrates – Will They be Considered in the Future Global Energy Mix?

For the first time, an international research program involving the Department of the Interior’s U.S. Geological Survey has proven that it is technically feasible to produce gas from gas hydrates. Gas hydrates are a naturally occurring “ice-like” combination of natural gas and water that have the potential to be a significant new source of energy from the world’s oceans and polar regions.