Oil headlines

•Who Owns the Arctic •Gazprom’s over-reaction to Arctic oil protest is a sign their fortune is at stake •Canadian Oil Producers May Have A Lot More Riding On The Keystone XL Pipeline Than Transcanada •OPEC oil production update July 2013 •Mexico deputies scuffle in chamber over energy bill •IEA Boosts 2014 Global Oil Demand Forecast on U.S. Recovery •Worst-Case Scenario for Oil Sands Industry Has Come to Life, Leaked Document Shows

Oil – Feb 13

•Dude, where’s my cheap gas? •How do you measure China’s oil demand? IEA goes from “error to error” •Twilight of an energy boom: Alberta’s new fiscal challenge •OPEC Boosts Estimated Demand for Its Own Crude Oil •Setback for Shell’s Arctic oil ambitions as rigs require repair in Asia

Frozen frontiers for oil and gas explorations

The fact that the summer ice is declining in the Arctic means that there is now also the possibility to take ships northwest and northeast of Greenland (seen from Europe) and the famous Northeast Passage goes through Russian territorial waters. Some judge that the risk for conflict there will grow and there are those who love to propose conflict-scenarios between Russia and the USA. Conflict over the demarcation of boundaries and shipping lanes is one possible scenario but all the parties in the area assure each other that everything will be solved peacefully.

Oil – Jan 10

•Interior Dept. Expedites Review of Arctic Drilling After Accidents •U.S. oil production to jump 25 percent by 2014 – EIA •Why the world is headed toward more oil scarcity •Peak oil group presses EIA to temper optimistic crude outlook •Why a potential role for the US as oil production king needs an asterisk •Is ‘peak oil theory’ delayed by fracking?