Evictions, tenants and the fragility of a “correlated” world

As eviction moratoriums around the United States come to an end, it is expected that landlords will begin evicting nonpaying tenants en masse. Barring new moratoriums on eviction, one estimate suggests 23 million people will be subject to eviction by the end of September … I believe that there is yet great turmoil ahead. We are unlikely to return to the system of finance capitalism which is crumbling before our eyes.

Oregon-based Opportunity Village Eugene Addresses Homelessness with Tiny Houses

Opportunity Village Eugene (OVE) is a “tiny house” community in Eugene, Oregon, that provides secure accommodation for around 35 people who were previously homeless. OVE provides residents with more than just affordable shelter — being part of the village offers the dignity of having a private space…

Tackling London’s Homeless Problem one Meal at a Time

Though the problem of homelessness, addiction and destitution is acute and particularly confronting on the Strand, the atmosphere at the SWAT van is one of hope. I’m welcomed warmly and hospitably offered huge portions of food while the team chat with the people they come to serve.

Beam Uses Crowdfunding to Support Job Training for the Homeless in the UK

There are more than 300,000 people who are homeless in the United Kingdom. That’s the figure from Shelter, a nonprofit based in London, England, that provides legal and other support services for the homeless. A new organization called Beam, founded by Alex Stephany, is taking a unique approach to assist the homeless population. The platform features profiles of people — recommended by other charities — who are looking for job training assistance.