Energy transitions – headlines

•The Energy Transition is Here •IEA Report: Wind and Solar Can Carry Bulk of Energy TransformationT•he Economics of Grid Defection •Industry-funded report calls for changes to German energy policy •Coal Crunch Gives Impetus to India’s Solar Switch •Food and wastewater biogas to heat 5,200 New York homes •Report: Solar Paired With Storage Is a ‘Real, Near and Present’ Threat to UtilitiesA•nother Banner, Record-Breaking Year for U.S. Solar

Fracking headlines

•Could California’s Shale Oil Boom Be Just a Mirage? •Could fracking boom peter out sooner than DOE expects? •More mineral owners seek to join gas lawsuits •Bakken field haste fuels massive natural gas waste •Shale gas fracking a low risk to public health -UK review •Underground Carbon Dioxide Injections Triggered Earthquakes in Texas in 2009-2011 •Colorado an energy battleground as towns ban fracking

Cap the Grid

As a species, we must learn to live within the physical limitations of the biosphere. In the electric energy sector, this requires reversing the worldwide trend of ever-expanding electricity supply grids carrying energy vast distances from more and more large, centralized power plants. “Capping the grid” is a crucial step toward reducing greenhouse gas pollution and increasing the percentage of electricity generated by renewables.