The struggle to defend La Famantina is forever: how social movements in Argentina are close to changing history

La Rioja, Cordoba and other movements in Argentina are showing, not only how to defend what they have, but also how to transform it together in order to create new ‘commons’ – new spaces that are held and used collectively.

Innovations in Governance: An Interview with Gianni Dominici

For over two decades, Rome’s FORUM PA has been experimenting with novel forms of engagement in Italy and beyond. Through its annual Expo, the organization encourages public administrators and citizens alike to discover what community empowerment, the Web 2.0 and sharing have to do with social innovation.

Sustainable development goals and our fascination with mega-targets

A handful of dramatic targets — set and met — seems to have also emboldened the global community with a sense that “Yes, We Really Can”. These include, for example, the eradication of smallpox and hopefully the imminent eradication of polio and Guinea worm. Such successes are a remarkable tribute to cooperation and sustained commitment, and perhaps it is these indisputably admirable qualities that have led the international community to set an ever-increasing range of ambitious targets, including the Millennium Development Goals, Kyoto Protocol Emission Targets, the Aichi Biodiversity Targets, the Pearson Target, etc.