What Could Possibly Go Right?: Episode 87 Phoebe Barnard

Phoebe Barnard is an environmental and societal futures analyst, sustainability strategist, global change ecologist, biodiversity conservation biologist, climate risk and resilience specialist, policy wonk, and film co-producer. She addresses the question of “What Could Possibly Go Right?”

The Politics of Overconsumption and Getting the Scale Right

No matter how difficult the transition may be, in the not too distant future we will have to live in far smaller and more flexible social organizations than today’s nation-states and cities.

Fraguas: six young people in Spain face two years and a half in prison for rebuilding a town demolished by Franco

Now Lalo and another five persons face going to jail for two years and a half if they don’t pay nearly 110.000 euros. This is the money that the court of Guadalajara says it will cost for the demolition of the houses they have rebuilt with the same stones with which the original houses were built.

Exploring alternative schools in Southeast Asia

Marginalized communities and their ability to organize themselves towards a common goal would attest that even amid multiple crises, they can cultivate notable practices that produce and reproduce transformative pedagogies, especially for the young generation of learners.

Mutual Aid Groups That Arose During COVID Gather to Build Power Regionally

More than two years after ad-hoc networks of collective care sprouted from the cracks of state neglect during the pandemic, mutual aid organizers across the U.S. are convening in Indiana this July to prepare these networks to face crisis, disasters and survival for the long haul.