The Response: Mutual Aid with Joshua Potash

Mutual aid is a concept and practice that has come up many times in the stories we tell on The Response — so we thought it would be helpful to devote an entire episode to exploring what mutual aid is with someone who is deeply immersed in it on the ground.

Tikkun Eco Center : Spreading seeds of change

Victoria Collier and Ben Ptashnik are a couple with a vision: they want to teach how to create self-sustaining ecological community where people can grow food, disengage from destructive systems with the use of renewable energy and green building, and create community projects that benefit everyone while raising the quality of life for the next generations.

Sri Lanka’s untold story of resilience: Sarvodaya’s pathway can work anywhere

The way forward seems to involve re-forming and re-localizing the economic system to create resiliency from the grassroots up, focusing on common needs, rather than having someone else’s idea of “what’s good for us” being imposed from the top down.

How to re-imagine a city

Transition Southampton used seed funding to work in three very different parts of the city. Rob Hopkins spoke to Clare, Liz and Si from the group to find out how they used enticing ‘What If?’ questions and built on existing connections to help local people imagine a different future for their neighbourhoods and what emerged from the project.

How Do We Teach the Critical Skills Needed to Face Collapse?

As the Joseph Campbell quote at the top of this article suggests, we will have to start the collective process by appreciating that no one is going to ‘fix’ the predicament of collapse for us, and that it cannot be fixed, only adapted to.