What does ‘regenerative investment’ mean now that Gaia is changing the rules of the game?

Unless we can learn and adapt faster than the rate of global systems change, our viability—the basic necessities for human thriving (nested within the imperative of thriving ecosystems and biodiversity) will dwindle to the point at which they cannot sustain us.

Local, Bioregional and Global Outreach

Building community is one of the most crucial tasks that every group, intentional or local community should undertake to enable the collective being that animates it to express itself with all its power in a rich and transforming vision. But is there an end to the community building process?

Building Bioregional Food Systems Post-COVID 19: The Northeast Healthy Soil Network & the power of regional food system reform consortium work

COVID-19 has reminded us, perhaps as never before, that we need an overhaul, not only of our health care system, but our food system as well. [1]  As a steady stream of studies and articles point out, a priority of future food system policy should be to support the emergence of local and regional, diversified, healthy food and farming systems, derived from fertile, carbon-rich soils.

Organizing Bioregionally

The sustainability consultants Pooran Desai and Sue Riddlestone of the London based consultancy BioRegional suggest that we need to reconsider the scale of our production systems and create more locally self-sustaining communities in compact cities.