Oxford Real Farming Conference 2023 | Sixteen Must-See Sessions

It looks set to be another stimulating start to the year for real foodies and regenerative farmers as the Oxford Real Farming Conference, “the largest gathering of the agroecological movement on the planet”, returns from 4 – 6 January 2023.

What does War in Ukraine Mean for Smallholder Farming?

The war demonstrated that smallholders can better adapt and survive in extreme conditions by relying on short food chains, alternative farm inputs, mutual help and reciprocity.

Getting out of the food-energy-climate crisis

Finding a way out of this “polycrisis” requires a deep transformation in how energy and food are produced and distributed, with actions that challenge corporate control head on.

A Partnership With the Philippines Brings Composting to Detroit

McGhee and her neighbors are participating in a pilot program to build zero-waste systems for Detroit. It’s something they say the city sorely needs. For decades, Detroit was home to one of the country’s largest waste incinerators.

Cultivating The Future Together – ARC’s Rural Resilience Gathering in France

A need for balance, a redefined social contract, and local movements inspiring and empowering other local movements has been recognized, and now it’s time for it to take root.

Supporting Young Farmers of Color Can Help the U.S. Meet Its Climate Goals

“But we desperately need climate investments that are part of a safety net for farmers, so they can continue stewarding the land when a disaster strikes.”

Four Takeaways From our Rural Resilience Gathering in North West France

A recent rural resilience gathering in the Loire-Atlantique, France saw farmers, cooks, elected officials, analysts, rural activists, volunteers and others drawn from the local and European agroecology and rural resilience movements, meet to work on the future of the socio-ecological transition.