Three years after the first global school strike, signs of the youth climate movement’s success are everywhere

The most destructive waves of the pandemic may hopefully be behind us, but the climate movement will almost certainly have to meet fresh challenges head on in the coming months — whether related to events in Ukraine, future COVID variants or completely new international crises.

The Sunrise Movement: how a US grassroots youth movement helped set the national climate agenda for rapid change

The new popularity of the term Green New Deal can be credited to this group of young climate activists known as the Sunrise Movement.

‘If We Don’t Fight Against the System, People will Continue to Die’

I go to work kilometres away from my house, to organise people, to give them updates and reassure them that I am with them for real. I do it because people need someone they can lean on, someone they can trust their stories with, someone they feel could help them.

How the Youth Movement Turns Political Words into Political Will

A year ago, there was no debate in Congress about climate change. Now conservative Republicans are being forced into a dialogue they had hoped to avoid about a problem they’ve been unwilling to admit even exists. The Democrats, for their part, have embraced climate change as a central theme of their 2020 political campaign. What’s changed is the entrance of the youth climate movement onto the scene.