What’s Wrong with Investing Your Environmental Values?

IRA projects and those climate-related provisions attributable to the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs and the CHIPS and Science Acts are evidence of the economic and environmental benefits of a transition to a low-carbon economy.

Is What Went Before Enough to Save U.S. Climate Policy?

But the willingness of a majority of the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) to overthrow established precedence in one fell-swoop may mean that Massachusetts v EPA — the bedrock on which federal regulation of carbon and other harmful greenhouse gases is based — is in judicial jeopardy.

Has Build Back Better Become Build Back Never? What Does It Mean for US Climate Policy?

The Mountain State’s senior senator, Joe Manchin (D), has single-handedly stopped President Biden’s proposed climate action plan in its tracks—along with voting rights, Medicare reform, and securing a safety net under the least fortunate of us.

What’s Next for Biden’s Build Back Better Act?

Well, it finally happened. An infrastructure bill has found its way onto a president’s desk for signing. Affectionately called the BIF in the halls of Congress and along the K Street corridor where the cognoscenti congregate, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework was truly that—bipartisan.