Beyond the Daily Grind: How a Few Peruvian Coffee Revolutionaries Are Conserving Nature While Growing World-Class Beans

Small scale farmers like those found in Mapacho are often the most sustainable farmers, maintain the most biodiversity and generally produce the best coffee because industrial agriculture inputs are not accessible and farmers are encouraged to grow in harmony with the rainforest.

Coffee and Coronavirus: A World of Difference

If the pandemic extends into the next harvest, farmers like Piro may be forced to focus on maximizing yield at the expense of innovation, quality, and conservation. The long-term consequences are not just for our palates or our pockets, but for the environment.

A complex cup

At the farmers market, you can meet the farmer who grew your carrots, talk to them about their growing practices, and feel confident that your food dollars are going directly to the farm. But the path coffee travels from farm to cup is much more mysterious. How can you feel good about the businesses you’re supporting with your coffee dollars and ensure that farmers thousands of miles away are receiving their fair share?