Shine On: Solar Power is Eclipsing Coal, Oil, Gas and Nuclear Energy with Rapid Growth and Cost Reductions

Ever since 2013, the installation of new renewable energy capacity has outstripped all other major energy generating sources combined, coal, oil, gas and nuclear. There are impressive figures for all renewables but the growth and fall in costs of solar power has stunned even seasoned industry observers.

The Survival-Investment Gap and the Berlin Wall: a Thought for Solarcentury’s 21st Birthday

On Solarcentury’s 21st birthday, an interesting question occurs to me. How many Solarcenturys would it take to stave off the climate crisis, at least where energy is concerned. The answer I arrive at might really surprise you.

Climate Change Mitigation: Is it a Good Idea to Sweep the Carbon Under the Carpet?

But fossil fuels are doomed by depletion in any case, so what sense does it make investing the few resouces we still have in a technology that doesn’t have a future? In the end, CCS is mainly a failure of the imagination: we can and we should do much better than sweeping the carbon underground.

From Oil Crisis to Energy Revolution – How Nations Once Before Planned to Kick the Oil Habit

As the world now gets to grips with the realities of making a rapid transition away from fossil fuels in the next decade, is it time to look again at how quickly we moved back in the 1970s, when we had to?

Solar Freakin’ Roadways (Episode 5 of Crazy Town)

We’re GOING to make the transition to renewable sources of energy. There is no scenario outside the dark mind of Dick Cheney where we continue to use depleting and polluting fossil fuels over the long run to power society. So how exactly are we going to make the transition?