The American Alley, Part 3: The End of the American Alley

As ADUs are developed along alleys in the next few years, we are presented with an opportunity: to construct ADUs which front the street and transform the service alley into a minor street, or to construct ADUs which only look into the private lot, simply leaving the alley as it is.

How A Florida Beach Town Changed How We Live

With pedestrian-friendly streets, congenial gathering spots and appealing traditional architecture, Seaside on Florida’s Panhandle  proves we can build new places with the qualities we love about classic neighborhoods—a notion once considered an impossible dream.

Savor your Small Parcels, and Create More of Them

After now working in the planning and urban design realm for more than a couple of decades, I’ve come to believe that those “substandard” parcels referenced in countless planning and market studies are actually the key to successful cities and neighborhoods. I believe we should savor them, embrace them, and seek to create more wherever we can.