Is the CEO obsolete? A look the emerging organization

The model of the heroic CEO fearlessly leading a company or nonprofit to success is coming to an end as a new model of organization that coordinates the passions of extended groups and focuses them on solving major societal problems emerges. Management consultant John Hagel explains the advent of the organization based on scalable collaboration and learning.

A Report from #CTRLshift2018

It was billed as “an emergency summit for change”, and it was a call that drew around 150 people from across the UK, and even some from further afield.  Hosted at The Edge, a community-funded church building in the centre of Wigan just round the corner from the actual Wigan Pier (yes, that one, the one with the road famously leading to it), the event, exactly a year before Brexit becomes (or doesn’t) a reality, was co-presented by at least 40 organisations.

Collaboration and co-operation: Sleeping giants of economic shift change

We are caught between an old system that no longer works and a new one that is trying to emerge. In recent times more and more people have grappled with articulating, what they see as the new economic model, with increasing confidence and detail. I believe that the ‘three C’s’ (the change-maker, cooperative and collaborative movements) now offer a credible alternative to traditional economic system. I’ll try to do that belief justice throughout this article in a way that is neither too philosophical or too niche to really have an impact.