The Response Podcast Episode 2: How Puerto Ricans are Restoring Power to the People

What you might not have heard is the story of the grassroots response that arose after Maria. In the midst of all the austerity and hurricane-driven chaos, a quiet revolution has been slowly taking place on the island.

Is the CEO obsolete? A look the emerging organization

The model of the heroic CEO fearlessly leading a company or nonprofit to success is coming to an end as a new model of organization that coordinates the passions of extended groups and focuses them on solving major societal problems emerges. Management consultant John Hagel explains the advent of the organization based on scalable collaboration and learning.

Making the Journey a Destination: Indianapolis’ Cultural Trail Debuts

Back in 2007, we highlighted the Indianapolis Cultural Trail project in Bold Moves, Brave Actions, a feature that looked at five cities on five continents making exceptional strides toward becoming more people-friendly places. Indy, we wrote, was “taking what may be the boldest step of any American city towards supporting bicyclists and pedestrians” – an especially exciting thing to see happening in a city that may be most famous for speeding cars.