Claims Against Meat Fail to Consider Bigger Picture

I can see big advantages, both environmental and ethical in reducing the production and consumption of grain-fed meat, be it chicken, pork or beef. But there is an overwhelmingly important case why we should continue to produce and eat meat from animals predominantly reared on grass, especially when it is species-rich and not fertilised with nitrogen out of a bag.

Grazed and Confused – An Initial Response from the Sustainable Food Trust

The only practical way to produce human-edible food from grassland without releasing large amounts of carbon to the atmosphere is to graze it with ruminants, and with the increasing global population it would be highly irresponsible to stop producing meat, milk and animal fats from grassland, since this would cause even more rainforest to be destroyed to produce soyabean oil and meal, as well as palm oil.

The Struggle for Sustainable Food Transportation

How long it will take the food shipping industry to achieve zero emissions is uncertain, but it needs to happen sooner than later…Government would need to provide more incentives and institute more stringent regulations to speed up adoption of zero-emissions trucks.