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Peak Oil Notes - Oct 8

 A midweek update. After three days of increases which took oil prices up by over $4 a barrel, prices slipped on Wednesday after the weekly stocks report showed US crude inventories hitting a new all-time high.

Peak Oil Review - Oct 5

 A weekly update, including: -Quote of the Week -Oil and the Global Economy, -The Middle East and North Africa, -China, -Russia/Ukraine, -The Briefs

Peak Oil Notes - Oct 1

A midweek update. Despite several important developments during the last few days which should affect the oil markets, prices have remained largely unchanged with New York futures closing at $45.09 and London at $48.37. London prices were down 10 percent and and New York down 8 percent.

Peak Oil Review - Sept 28

 A weekly roundup of peak oil news, including: -Quote of the Week  -Oil and the Global Economy -The Middle East and North Africa -China -Russia/Ukraine -The Briefs

Peak Oil Notes - 24 Sep

Oil prices closed Wednesday near the bottom of the trading range that has been in place since the beginning of September.

Peak Oil Review - Sep 21

The US Secretary of Commerce noted last week that interest in acquiring new drilling rights in the Gulf of Mexico is dropping due to low oil prices.

Peak Oil Notes - 17 Sep

It seems that a lot of traders believe the oil glut thesis has been oversold and that a big price rebound is coming any day now.

Peak Oil Review - Sep 14

Some are saying that the decline in US shale oil production is a victory for the Saudi’s policy of driving high-cost oil producers from the markets by keeping OPEC production high.

Peak Oil Notes - Sep 10

The EIA seems to be getting a handle US oil production and its prospects for the next 18 months.

Peak Oil Review - Sep 7

A weekly review including Oil and the Global Economy, The Middle East & North Africa, China, Russia/Ukraine, Quote of the Week, The Briefs