CropMobster: Growing Community through Crowdsourcing

Founded as a resource to prevent food waste, the CropMobster network has grown into an online platform for farmers, food activists, and pantries to exchange resources. Designed to “ignite food system crowdsourcing,” CropMobster empowers local leaders to connect communities interested in sharing or trading goods, labor, excess food, events, and news to help end hunger and reduce food waste.

Fishguard’s Transition Cafe Wins Award!

Since we set up Transition community cafe 4 years ago, many other surplus food projects have developed but most have food poverty as their prime purpose, so we are pleased that our key aims of carbon reduction and building community resilience have been validated and rewarded.

Why are UK Households Throwing Away More Food?

Public, media and corporate awareness of the need to tackle food waste appears to be higher than ever, but evidence suggests that despite this growing awareness, efforts to cut household food waste in the UK seem to have stalled.

Community Fridge in Frome UK Reduces Food Waste, Feeds the Needy

I was spurred on to start this project by the global epidemic of food waste — as much as 50% of all food grown worldwide gets wasted before and after it reaches the consumer. Most of the food waste in the UK is avoidable — it could have been eaten had it been better managed. The Community Fridge: Frome is a simple solution that is replicable across all communities, enabling anyone to share some of this surplus food while cutting costs and emissions.

FoodCycle Prevents Food Waste and Builds Community, One Meal at a Time

But while a proliferation of food waste apps hope to combat the problem through technology, FoodCycle is tackling it by serving up hot meals to those who need it — along with providing a place for diners to build community and face-to-face friendships.