Shared Renewables Hold Big Potential for Communities Left Out of Clean Energy Programs

Shared renewables is a democratic system, in which a community or neighborhood collectively owns or operates small-scale energy systems. The co-owners do not necessarily have to be neighbors — or even live near each other — depending on the type of system.

Energy Democracy: A Response to Trump’s Climate Wrecking Agenda

Join Anya Schoolman of the Community Power Network and John Farrell of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance who will lead a discussion on how states and communities can push past Trump’s dirty energy agenda, drive down energy cost and boost renewable energy growth.

The Case for Local, Community-led Sustainable Energy Programs

In a sharing vision of a local renewable energy system, many households will generate their own renewable energy (as in solar photovoltaic or solar thermal systems on their rooftops), but many more, for whom this is not an option, will share in the ownership and operation of off-site renewable energy generation infrastructure such as wind turbines.

The Permanent Community Energy Cooperative

Permanent Community Energy Cooperatives are an opportunity to start healing the planet and communities today through equitable energy development. They’re also “fun-work” that can bring people together, create results to celebrate, and build stronger bonds for more resilient, thriving communities.

Bristol Energy Cooperative: “it felt right for us to be ambitious”

When we fit solar on community buildings, the buildings get cheaper and greener electricity, local people can obviously invest in what we’re doing, and we’ve set up a community fund that will cross-subsidise other energy projects, and indeed, community projects more generally.

Community is Created by Filling the Cup: Talking Resilience with Lynn Benander

I think that if you haven’t built connections with other people when good things are happening, they probably won’t be there when bad things are happening. Community is created by filling the cup that you share with other people…