“Getting to zero” is a lousy goal

But in our reality in 2022, with far too much carbon dioxide already flowing through the atmosphere and the climate crisis worsening every year, knowingly emitting more greenhouse gases for another two decades is a shockingly cavalier dance with destruction.

A new roof for rapid transition – building low-carbon, affordable housing for communities with new ownership models

All across the world new approaches to home-building are emerging in response to the multiple crises of climate breakdown, unaffordable housing, deprivation and exclusion

The Pros and Cons of Living in Our Small House

We built our little house using light straw clay and lots of reclaimed wood, which both saved us money and reduced the environmental impact of building. Alternative materials alone don’t make a house green, though, because even the eco-friendliest house is still far more impactful than it has to be if it is bigger than it has to be.